Finding “Waldo” in my old photos…

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August 30, 2005, 8:44 PM

I was really excited to find out that the photo of the soldier that was prominently featured in a photo in the Day of Activism photo set was actually Casey Sheehan. From there, a little research led me to find that Cindy Sheehan, along with others, were at the funeral-style procession. I also was able to positively ID the photo – that is Casey Sheehan in the large photo. His name is easily read on his uniform in the high-resolution original photo.

I’m just amazed. Makes me look at “Day of Activism” a little differently now, since now I find that someone who has become a bit of a household name was at the same event as I was, and even possibly appeared in some of the photos.


Web site: Day of Activism

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Quote: "I'm finding 'Waldo' in this photo set..."

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