You know what I need to do…

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August 19, 2005, 6:32 PM

You know what I need to do? I need to get a big banner, and wrap it around my car. The banner should say, “I’m going to the beach!” Then the most important part would be finding some school buses full of kids to fly that banner past.

What can I say? The kiddies got three months off. I get this little vacation. If I were to actually pull the above stunt off (and there is no chance in hell that I would), it would be quite fun. Nothing like rubbing it in their faces. And four (count ’em – FOUR) days in Virginia Beach while the children back home sit in school hearing from every one of their teachers about how to evacuate for a fire drill.

This is what we call the benefit of not having children. Once the children get back to reality, I get to leave reality for a few days. Of course, I’ll probably look like a lobster when I get back, but it will be worth it.

Web site: Wikipedia article on Evil, which is what I would be if I were to actually carry out such a fantasy. So evil... but there's no way I'd ever actually do that.

Song: Space Ghost: "Okay, who let a fluffy?" (It continues, and is hilarious)

Quote: "I'm going to the beach and you have to go to scho-ol!" (Say it in a taunting sing-songy kind of voice)

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