I’m becoming a Wikipediholic…

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August 9, 2005, 4:16 PM

My, my, my… I realized I’m starting to turn into a Wikipediholic when I sit down at the computer and immediately pull up Wikipedia. From there, I immediately pull up my watch list, and see what’s changed. And then I start reading and editing. Then of course, I was on my discussion forum, and wanted to format a link to a Web page like [[wikipedia article|this]]. Those who are familiar know that [[that]] is how you form a link to another Wikipedia article, with the former using custom link text, and the latter without.

You might want to blame Wikipedia for the fact that my Malcolm X Park photo set is not yet out. I’ve been playing around on Wikipedia, my “intellectual playground”, as I like to call it. It’s fun, but it’s also quite addictive.

So there you are. I’m certainly dedicated, but it’s starting to use time I usually spend on this site. I will get Malcolm X Park and Shades of Gray (both of which have been sorted down some in preparation for the respective sets) up before too long. As long as I can pry Wikipedia from my grasp, it seems.

Web site: Wikipedia article on Meridian Hill Park, since we're talking about it

Song: I was dancing to It's My Party (and I'll Cry If I Want To) while I was filling in at the Service Desk today at work during a slow period. The song came on the PA system, and a few coworkers noticed it, too. Weird...

Quote: "I'm just one of those people who insists on neatness!" - Me as I immediately seized a spray bottle upon arriving at the Service Desk this morning.

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