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July 30, 2005, 11:08 PM

Friday at work was interesting. You know how you never know who you’ll see at Wal-Mart? I met a famous artist at the self-checkouts on Friday. Specifically, I met P. Buckley Moss. I recognized her initially, thinking, I think that’s P. Buckley Moss, but didn’t ask the question. Then I saw the screen on the pin-pad where she signed. P. Buckley Moss. Wow. I hadn’t seen her in some time. But she remembered me, and also remembered Mom, since both of us went to some of her art signings at her barn in Waynesboro, which is actually a converted apple barn in a nice little neighborhood. That was neat. You never know who you’ll see come through Wal-Mart. I’ve met Reo Hatfield, a Waynesboro city councilman and an instrumental player in the truce between the Hatfields and the McCoys, and I’ve also met Moreko Griggs, who made headlines when he was named as Waynesboro’s first black valedictorian, and then was changed to being one of three valedictorians, next to two white women. That story is outlined here. So all in all, it’s neat.

Then on Saturday, there was an interesting discussion in the breakroom regarding the fact that I didn’t shave for Thursday’s trip. It went like this:

Me: And I said, “Look at my face. I didn’t shave,” to the greeter in Woodstock.
Coworker: (puzzled look)
Me: I didn’t shave. (I gesture at my own face in the area where I shaved this morning)
Coworker: (Still not quite getting it, and says something to this effect)
Me: (Using humor to get the point across) I didn’t shave my legs yesterday! No, where do most guys shave?

Big laughs. The coworker also realized I meant my face at that time. But still, everyone was amused. One person asked, though, “You don’t actually shave your legs do you?” I replied that no, I don’t. If nothing else, the hair on my legs adds some color to some otherwise very white legs.

Web site: Wikipedia on P. Buckley Moss

Song: "Celine Dion" singing the theme to The Smurfs on Saturday Night Live. Remember... due to pending legal action, "Smurfs" may be called "Blurfs".

Quote: I think that's P. Buckley Moss... - Me running the fastlanes on Friday

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