Rain, thunder, and lightning… that ought to break the heat wave!

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July 27, 2005, 5:21 PM

The last three days in this area have been best described as HOT. The temperatures stayed just barely under 100 degrees, and the heat indexes (i.e. what it really feels like) were well over 100, with Weatherbug showing today’s heat index at 105. I think I could likely cook an egg on the driveway with all the heat it’s absorbed.

And now, clouds have rolled in, and thunder and lightning are up to their old tricks again. And it rained a bit. Nothing like a good rain to help dissipate the heat. Hopefully it will cool things off a bit.

Now tomorrow, it’s only supposed to get up into the upper 70s. Compared to these last few days, that’s winter-coat weather. And I will welcome it with open arms, since it’s just been awful. And we may recall that my car has no air conditioning, which makes things just awful in there.

And I’m still deciding if I want to go anywhere or not, but I think I’m going to go somewhere on Thursday. Today I decided to stay home, which worked out for me, since I’ve been romping around on my little “intellectual playground” of Wikipedia, and trying to get something done on this site as well.

Web site: Wikipedia article on fire alarms, which I have helped craft to an extent. That Wheelock MT is the one on the second floor of Potomac Hall, which I was awakened by on a few occasions.

Song: Cleveland Rocks

Quote: And I still find it amazing about the person wearing the helmet and gloves with the hot pants and tank top. That's called not thinking (even if it is just for the photo)...

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