What is wrong with this picture?

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July 24, 2005, 10:35 PM

What is wrong with this picture from the Sunday, July 24 edition of the Staunton News Leader?

Lauren Sohn rides the ATV while wearing short shorts and a tank top

Can you see what’s wrong? No? Well, let me show you the headline for a moment…

Riding smartly important on ATVs
Children riding adult-size four wheelers a growing concern as ATV-related deaths increase

And let me also quote you the caption that goes with the picture:

“Lauren Sohn, 13, joins brother Ernst Sohn III, 17, and their father Ernst Sohn Jr. in wearing protective gear including a helmet, goggles, and gloves whenever they ride ATVs.”

Now do you see what’s wrong?

Look at the girl in the foreground. She’s got the full-face helmet, goggles, and gloves. And then she’s wearing short shorts and a skimpy tank top. Her entire head is protected, and her hands are protected. But then the rest of her body is mostly exposed skin! How protected is that? Now yes, I’m aware that they’re most likely just posing with their equipment for the photo. And yes, I realize it’s been quite hot outside lately. But still, especially when they’re talking about ATV safety in the article, that kind of outfit on one of those things looks bad to say the least. I’m surprised that got past the people setting up the photo. You’d think you would at least put the child in jeans and something with sleeves.

I personally consider it like what you have to do for a security system. Even if you buy a million-dollar security system, you still have to remember to lock the door. The million-dollar security system isn’t going to do you much good if you leave the door wide open.

Thus with the choice of outfit. If you go riding in an outfit like that and get into an accident, your head and your hands are going to be in fine shape, attached to a body that looks like ground beef after getting sufficiently roughed up by the terrain and the vehicle. Not a pretty picture to say the least.

Meanwhile, what just tickled me otherwise was that I think someone had search engines on the brain instead of ATVs. On two different photo captions, instead of “goggles”, it says “googles”. Hahahahaha.

Still, even though they’re most likely just posing for the photo and not going for a ride, you’ve still got to dress the part, in my opinion.

Web site: The Staunton News Leader, who published the photo in question

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