Jolt Cola: It really does exist!

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July 12, 2005, 10:50 PM

I could not believe it today when I went to the 7-Eleven after work for some refreshment. Looking in the drink cooler, I found Jolt Cola. I was surprised, because I’d heard of it for so long, but had never ever seen it. I was starting to think that Jolt Cola, the soda that was completely LOADED with caffeine, was an urban legend, since people had spoken of it, but I’d never seen it before. But now I know it’s real, and it’s weird. Take a look:

Jolt Cola - it does exist!

And check out the lid:

Jolt Cola - it does exist!

First of all, the can is HUGE! That’s a 24-ounce can right there. And it’s also the first can of soda that I’ve seen with a screw-top lid, vs. the usual press-in tops that most soda cans have. I was impressed.

The only thing I wasn’t all that impressed with was the flavor. It tasted like a Coke. So that was disappointing, since I was hoping that they were going to have a distinctive flavor. But instead the flavor was quite nondescript. Of course, people likely drink this stuff for the caffeine more than they do for the flavor, though if the beverage tasted awful, I’d bet that even the people who just drink it for the caffeine would put the drink down.

Still, its caffeine content really packs a punch. I was quite tired when I left work just after 4:00, and I knew I’d fall asleep soon after getting home. However, consuming that can of Jolt Cola on the way home changed that. It’s now 10:21 PM, and I’m going like gangbusters with their “CX2 CAFFEINE XTWO 140 JOLTS” (whatever that means).

Of course, I’d never seen a huge can like that for soda. I was a little nervous about drinking it in the car, because in my experience, the only cans I’d seen that size were beer cans. And I do NOT want to give the appearance of driving down 340 while having a beer. After all, I don’t even like beer.

Otherwise, way back on Friday, I went up to Harrisonburg after work. I went to the Wal-Mart there to get the oil changed in the Previa (if I have to wait for oil to be changed, I’d rather do it somewhere that I don’t work at). I saw four people I knew while I was up there. Former Potomac-ers, and also former Wal-Mart coworkers who’d transferred to Harrisonburg. Before getting oiled, though, I went to Valley Mall to go look. They’re doing some serious work on the mall, adding a Target and an Old Navy where the old Wal-Mart was (look in a February 2005 Journal entry for info on that). So that’s just weird. The mall was pretty quiet, though, since it was summer (thus no JMU) and still very early in the evening.

I also went to Purcell Park for a little bit, where I kind of walked around and did, like, whatever. That was a nice unwinder.

And the most unusual run-in in Harrisonburg on Friday? My friend Becky! I was driving south on South Main Street, and at the light at Port Republic Road, I ended up sitting right next to Becky in traffic. So I rolled down my window and said hello, right then and there! That was unusual. But while we waited for the light to change, we had a very quick conversation. That was awesome.

And then on the way home, I took Route 11 instead of the Interstate, which is how I would always go home on the way back from JMU. It was like old times again.

And the funny moment of the day? At TLE at Wal-Mart in Harrisonburg. I hear a page. “Benjamin Schumin, your vehicle is ready for pickup at Tire and Lube Express.” So I come into TLE, and said to the lady at the counter, “You know, I would not like to pick up my vehicle today. I’d much prefer to drive it off, since I don’t think I would do to well in picking it up.” The lady knew that I was joking, and got a tremendous kick out of it. But yeah, unless you’re Superman, most people will drive the car off rather than pick it up.

So yeah, I had fun.