They saw it, and that’s all that they shall see of it.

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July 5, 2005, 6:00 PM

Sometimes, you just have to give people what they want. At work, coworkers comment all the time about my wearing my sandals with socks. That’s just how I do it. I wear the socks with the sandals because, for some reason, sandals without socks cause the shoes to smell absolutely awful. Plus the socks help wick sweat off my feet. So it works out.

A number of coworkers have said that I should go sockless with the sandals. Bare feet in the sandals, like many people do. One particular coworker was quite emphatic about it, and so I said to them, “Okay. For you, I’m going to wear my sandals without the socks one day.”

Fast forward about two weeks. Today was the day. So instead of my usual white socks with the sandals, this is what it looked like:

Wearing sandals without socks

And lest you think this is some off-the-wall back room or something at Wal-Mart, I should tell you that I took this photo at home after work – and with the old Mavica, no less.

Anyway, though, the coworker who was most emphatic about my wearing socks with sandals was quite pleased. Another coworker who had also commented on a few occasions had this to say: “Look at those toes.” And later said that I need a pedicure. I got a kick out of that one, mainly because that’s so not me. I do my own toenails, thank you very much. And a nail tech I am not.

Still, now that my coworkers have seen it, I’m wearing my socks again on my next day at work, which will be Friday. But still, there you go. And I took steps to counter the smell-factor. On the way home from my most recent trip to DC (June 22), I bought a small stick of anti-perspirant specifically for use on my feet at the Wal-Mart in Woodstock (though the product was designed for armpits, not feet). Before work, I rolled that puppy all over my feet, and then got the excess off with a towel. It did its job.

Otherwise, tomorrow I’m heading up to Washington DC. Fun stuff. Weather permitting, I plan on finishing up the partially-completed Malcolm X Park set for the Photography section. For that, I’ll need clear or partly cloudy skies, to match the first part of the set, taken May 11. If I get overcast skies or, even worse, bad weather, we’ll just have to see what I do. Weatherbug says partly cloudy, so we’ll see. Hopefully I’ll get more than just Rohrs and Bredas this time. Last time, except for two CAF trains, all I rode were Rohrs and classic Bredas. I rode no Breda Rehabs at all. So we’ll see. Hopefully we’ll get something interesting. And I’m going to break out the Chucks tomorrow, and give the sandals a day off.

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