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July 1, 2005, 7:05 PM

I got it all working, though not through the fix that I intended. The good thing, though, is that I can return the RF switch to Radioshack, since it turns out the problem was not the switch, but where in my massive array of stuff that I hooked it up. I don’t know. Don’t ask me. But it works.

Then I had to find the controllers. I have four Super Nintendo controllers. One is the standard-issue SNES control pad with purple buttons. One is some sort of weird turbo pad that doesn’t work. Then I have two “Superpad” SNES controllers, which look exactly like the standard-issue controllers, except they say “Superpad” on them and have the Super Famicom-style colors for the buttons (think the different-colored Yoshis).

Of course, when I dug the SNES and stuff out, I found only two controllers. The standard-issue one, and the non-working one (that I didn’t know didn’t work at the time). The Superpad ones were nowhere to be found. As you know, I’ve been cleaning out the closet and going through and tossing lots of stuff, considerably lightening my load. The closet looks good. So in looking for the two Superpad controllers, I ended up turning my room upside down. Went through the different totes of stuff, went hunting in dresser drawers, my desk, in stuff, under stuff, through my fire alarms, you name it. You know where I eventually found the controllers?

In with my underwear.

Oh, don’t make that face. It was in with the clean underwear. And my clean socks, for that matter. Still, what a strange place for them. The only thing I can figure is that when I moved out of Potomac Hall for the last time in May of 2003, that was a convenient place for them to go when I moved things out. But we found them.

Things are in the strangest places in here, too. While I was hunting for the controllers, the comment most often heard from me was, “So that’s where that went.” Yeah. It’s always interesting when I find things, though. And I have my Super Nintendo running again, which is good.

Web site: Wikipedia article on Super Nintendo

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