Still offline, but what a productive day!

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July 1, 2005, 4:05 PM

I’m still offline and entering this Journal entry directly into the database, but I found out from Dad what most likely caused this outage. It turns out that the storm that I was outrunning in Amherst County last night was the likely cause of our losing Internet service. According to Dad, that’s when the outage occurred – during the storm. And it seems it was more intense in Stuarts Draft than where I was. Remember that I caught a lot of heavy rain between the town of Amherst and Lovingston in Nelson County. No thunder and lightning while I was getting the rain.

So we’ll see. We’ve got a guy coming to the house tomorrow to take a look at it.

Meanwhile, I got a lot of stuff accomplished today. I paid a bill related to that surgery I had in February, and then I went to the bank to deposit a check. So that worked out well. After that, I went to Radioshack in Waynesboro to pick up an RF switch that will hopefully make my Super Nintendo come to life again (more on that in a second). Then lastly, I went to Goodwill in Waynesboro and dropped off a whole load of stuff from the closet. Nice place, and I was in and out in five minutes. Smelled like a combination of old clothes and new building, though, but such is to be expected.

And back to my Super Nintendo. As you may know, I have a Super Nintendo that I bought used from Movie Gallery in Waynesboro back in 1998. It was a store demo unit before, and to the best of my knowledge, still works in 2005. It last saw use at JMU in 2003. Now, I can’t get it to play because I think that the RF switches I have are bad. That’s the device that hooks the SNES up to the TV. I have two of the RF switch devices. One was the one that came with the SNES, and the other was a replacement. I think it’s the RF switch because the replacement switch did nothing when I turned on the SNES, but the one from Nintendo did something, but I only got static. Now I have a new one from Radioshack in Waynesboro that I’m going to try.

And I have to say this is the most painless trip to Radioshack I’ve ever had, now that Radioshack doesn’t ask for your life story every time you purchase something.

So we’ll see what happens. Hopefully I’ll be able to sink right into Super Mario this evening…

Web site: Goodwill Industries, recipient of my junk

Song: Commercial for Travelocity UK. Kinda racy. "Hi, I'm Carl, and I just want to take care of you."

Quote: "You've got the pain-during-surgery thing taken care of. Now let's work on the pain-while-paying-for-surgery thing." - Me to the AMC lady while paying for all the stuff that the insurance didn't cover. That was a real pain in the wallet, let me tell you...

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