The enemy has been identified, and we shall clean its clock…

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June 1, 2005, 11:43 AM

This is the enemy, as identified by the Super High Intensity Target locator (I’m not even going to give you the acronym for that one – figure it out yourself):

The closet

Yes, the closet. I am cleaning out the closet. Do I realize how long it’s been since I last cleaned out the closet? Let’s just say that it was WAY before I graduated high school, which was six years ago this week. So it’s been a very long time, indeed.

And most of what you see will become landfill, be sold on eBay, or donated somewhere. Right off the bat, I see my cap and gown from my high school graduation that’s getting trashed (what do I need with it?), a Dancing Limber Louie puppet that I’ll either auction or give away, and very old clothes that I don’t have a prayer of fitting into again (which will be given away).

The plan is to get rid of most of the stuff currently in the closet, in order to put the stuff currently in the corner of the room behind my recliner (kind of like a temporary closet in itself) into the closet. It’s not like I use the stuff in the closet now anyway.

This ought to be fun, though.

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Quote: The closet is going to get cleaned today...

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