“Weekend” doesn’t just mean Saturday and Sunday, you know…

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May 17, 2005, 5:44 PM

You know, a weekend is a state of mind, and not necessarily two specific days. My weekend is usually Wednesday and Thursday, and like most people for Saturday and Sunday, I’m so glad when those two days roll around.

It’s interesting how that mindset is, too. If you call Wednesday and Thursday your weekend, then it’s your weekend! So many people at work complain about not getting weekends off, yet you don’t ever hear a peep out of me. My weekend just doesn’t happen to match with the days traditionally designated as weekends. I’ve in fact asked not to be scheduled off on traditional weekend days because I like my mid-week weekend.

So I normally start my week out on Friday, and so Friday is like Monday to me. So the traditional weekend is like Tuesday and Wednesday in my week. Then my “Friday” is actually Tuesday. So for me, today was like Friday, where I know that if I can make it through the day, I get two days of freedom from that big, green building known as Wally World (our store, for those not familiar, is tan and green instead of the normal gray and blue).

And with this being an “off” week (no DC trip this week), it means I get to do stuff locally. Which means, in this case, getting my eyes done and then likely getting new glasses, and then the next day… Lake Moomaw!

I also, for that matter, need to start getting on the ball with my vacation, but I want to be certain on how much these glasses are going to cost me before I book a hotel room at the beach.

Meanwhile, I read in the newspaper today that this year’s hurricane season is going to be an active one. All I have to say is that hurricanes had better not ruin my vacation. I’ll be darned if I’m going to spend my vacation at home because a hurricane wrecks my trip.

So there.

Web site: Hoping a hurricane doesn't wreck my vacation...

Song: Whatever music is playing that I can hear coming from downstairs. Probably a movie or something.

Quote: Amusing: I recently ran into an old high school classmate from my senior-year "Teen Issues" class (basically a home economics class that was kind of like a "survival" course, teaching, among other things, how to make real food in the microwave). The thing we reminisced about was the names for the three tables that I came up with. The table on the right was the "beer-drinking table". Then the table on the left was the "non-beer-drinking" table. Then the middle table had no cute name. And hardly anyone sat there anyway. And the tables were like our work groups in that class, too, so you had a group called the beer drinkers and the non-beer drinkers. It was amusing. I'm going to have to think about where I came up with that one and get back to you. Still, you have to admit that was amusing.

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