I’m becoming a morning person…

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May 15, 2005, 4:08 AM

I’ve been working straight mornings (7 AM to 4 PM) for a while now and will be working that for the foreseeable future (read: as far as the schedule goes for). It’s weird, because as a result of this kind of schedule, I’m becoming the one thing I never thought I could be – a morning person! I’ve been getting up before my alarm clock, and turning into Mr. Sunshine in the early morning with little to no caffeine. It’s weird. For years, I was like, “Oh, how I hate mornings,” and now I’m actually becoming one of those morning people.

And of course the benefit is that I get off at 4:00, when the day is still in its prime and I have the whole evening. Not bad.

And meanwhile, I need to make some phone calls about my vacation, which I’m again going to take to Virginia Beach this year. Before I book, I’m going to inquire a few things of that new Travelodge, to make sure that they have the amenities that I want. That would be a refrigerator in the room, and solid sides on the balcony. As you can see from my photos from past beach pics, Ocean Holiday has a fridge, and the balcony does not have solid side walls. Ocean Holiday’s balcony sides were just railings, so you don’t get much privacy on your balcony.

Otherwise, I’m getting an eye exam on Wednesday, and possibly new glasses as a result. That will be interesting. Everyone at work is trying to convince me about what style is “me”. One person went so far as to say my current style is “old fashioned”. Still, I’ll keep you posted as to what I get.

And lastly, the day after the eye exam, on Thursday, I’m going out to Lake Moomaw again! The last time I was out that way was June 14 of last year. So that will be nice to revisit.

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Quote: Side note: I had McDonald's "Fruit and Walnut Salad" yesterday at lunch, which we were first introduced to on the Metro (see previous Journal entry). Not bad, except there were no walnuts in this particular salad. Weird. It comes with a little container of yogurt in the middle, presumably for dipping.

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