I always wonder what makes people from the past appear…

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April 25, 2005, 9:01 AM

First of all, I have survived seven consecutive days of Wally World and made it to a day off – that is an accomplishment!

And after those seven days, after going to bed last night, you know who appeared in my dream? Mecca Marsh, whom, you may recall, was my hall director all three years in Potomac. And in this case, the situation was amicable, unlike the last time Mecca appeared in my dream. This time, it was a chance encounter in a shopping mall, and it was a meet-and-catch-up affair. And a quick one, as both of us were in a hurry in this dream. All in all, very strange. Though it has been two years since Mecca and I last saw each other (and hasn’t it been pleasant?), so catching up would be in order if we ever ran into each other.

Still, weird. How this dream got formed, I shall never know.

Web site: College Life on Schumin Web - this site existed as a section on the main site in my JMU days, and Mecca HATED it.

Song: Castle dance song from Today's Special

Quote: "Where did this dream come from?"

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