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April 15, 2005, 4:26 AM

Chuck Taylors - are they "me"?

While I was out yesterday, I tried on a pair of classic Converse “Chuck Taylor” shoes (aka “Chucks”) to see how they would look on me, since my Airwalks now sport a growing hole on the side of the right shoe. Plus considering that Airwalk has discontinued their shoe line, it’s time to move on from them. So I tried on the left shoe from a pair of Chucks to see how they look. I couldn’t decide what I think, so I decided to let the jury decide. Thus this Journal entry, with the cell phone picture taken off a mirror. They do feel pretty good, though I don’t know about these. I could go either way, I think.

Still, you have to admit that these shoes are classics.

Web site: Converse, maker of the Chucks

Song: My mind is a blank cassette tape this morning.

Quote: "Hmmm... Chucks... I wonder how I'd look..."

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