Eight days until A16…

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April 8, 2005, 10:05 PM

Only eight more days until A16, and I can’t wait. Of course, that day has big shoes to fill. I hope it’s as fun as or more fun than J20, the counter-inaugural. That day was SO fun. Still, A16 (World Bank/IMF demonstration), should all go as expected, will be my sixth big demonstration, and my fourth black bloc. I’m excited. And my sister’s coming with me!

Otherwise, Katie and I had a fun time in Charlottesville, Lynchburg, and Roanoke on Wednesday. We saw Teri, a former coworker, at her new job at the Comfort Inn in Charlottesville, and we also saw Steve, our old front end manager, at his current store in Lynchburg. And besides seeing old friends, we also shot a few photo sets with Big Mavica, and also some very humorous photos with the cell phone.

One of the more amusing moments was when we were finished eating at the Radio Grill in Madison Heights. Without even thinking, not only did I throw the contents of the tray away after I was finished eating… but I also threw the tray away as well. And I didn’t even notice that I did it until Katie mentioned it to me. She wondered if, after I threw the tray away, whether I would walk away from it. I did, since I didn’t even realize I did it. But I was a good person and fished it out, since it was right on top.

Another amusing thing was at Perrywinkle Toys at Valley View Mall. There, they had some puppets. I grabbed one wacky-looking puppet, and used it to surprise Katie. “Boo!” With another one, though it bore no resemblance to the character, I moved the mouth and said, “Eh! Steve!” Then of course, I got to do my “horsey voice” when I found a horse puppet there. We had fun, needless to say.

Then of course, the running joke of the day came from something a coworker said. They said, “I’m going to go in here and play religion,” as they walked into the restroom. That did not sound good! In fact, that sounded quite wrong. So the running joke all day was about “playing religion”, which was a little uncouth, but it was amusing nonetheless.

But all in all, we had a fun trip. I plan on making a few photo sets out of this trip. I plan to do a Photography set from my photos of downtown Lynchburg, and also possibly one from downtown Bedford. I also took a bunch of star-in-the-evening photos at the Roanoke Star, which finally gives me some before-the-sun-completely-sets photos of the Roanoke Star all lit up, in high resolution. Now if only the city of Roanoke would change the star back to all-white, so I can see it as it normally operated, before they changed to red-white-blue after 9/11. Then I also plan to do a Life and Times set about the whole day. So that ought to be fun.

I also got to break out the shorts and the sandals-with-socks for the first time this year on Wednesday. Reminded me of a comment someone made once to me in seeing me in shorts: “Look at those legs! Scary!”

Then today at work, someone asked me why I don’t forgo the socks with the sandals, and just go sandals with bare feet. The answer is actually scent. I have this ability to make sandals smell really funky for some reason if I wear them with bare feet. I responded like this: “It will make [a particularly stinky customer] smell nice!” Plus no matter what other people say about my sandals with socks, I like them, and that’s what counts in the end.

Song: Macaroni Symphony Hour, which comes from a Mickey Mouse cartoon. We are talking about the version after Goofy accidentally let the instruments get smashed by the elevator.

Quote: Interestingly enough, midway through the day, I had the song "Santa Baby" running through my head. Weird!