“Boiling popsicle isn’t exactly a romantic dance…”

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March 25, 2005, 12:05 AM

Today I worked what I recently dubbed the “Cinderella shift” at work. That would be the 3 PM to 12 midnight shift. At the stroke of midnight, I’m outta there, because at that time, my car turns into a pumpkin, my Wal-Mart vest turns into rags, and I am required by the guidelines set forth in the story to leave one shoe in the breakroom. The assumption is that CSM Charming must then go to all the associates in the land with the shoe and see who it fits so that I can work happily ever after. The “boiling popsicle” comment came from the Today’s Special interpretation of Cinderella, which had Cinderella and the Prince dancing something like rock and roll before doing something a little more romantic.

Okay, all joking aside, I did really work the 3-12 shift, and ask my coworkers – I really did call it the Cinderella shift due to its ending at midnight.

Speaking of work, it’s funny what people will assume when you leave a few pieces of the puzzle missing. With the exception of my friend Katie, I gave none of my coworkers any details about the operation I had on February 28 beforehand. So people knew I was going to be out for two weeks for an operation, but not for what. So when I came back to work, I found out that people were speculating, and trying to fill that gap in their knowledge that I left.

First of all, though, so you know, what I had done was the removal of a Pilonidal Cyst. It was a fairly simple procedure, but I was still out of work for two weeks, leaving people plenty of time to wonder.

The most interesting thing that I heard was that some people had thought I was having a sex-change operation done (thus why I didn’t tell anyone), which I thought was downright nutty when I found out about it. Now I admit that I did earn the affectionate nickname “Benise” and “Benita” from a coworker after we both agreed that I kind of sound like a lady on the loudspeaker (come by the store and hear for yourself). But to come back to the store as “Benise”… no. But some people truly believed it. When I got back, I set the record straight. I was not offended by any means, but was instead quite amused by it all.

Meanwhile, Friday is my other day off for this week, and I’m going to go down to Lynchburg. My goals for the trip are to photograph in downtown Lynchburg where the high-rises are, right near a river, provided the weather holds out. That’s a big “if” there. Weatherbug says that rain is “likely”, but we’ll see. I’m then going to swing west to Roanoke and go see the star, before turning north to head back home. All in all, it should be a good day. Of course, that’s provided the weather holds.

And I still can’t get over that I’ve had this site for nine years. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long (that’s what happens when you’re having fun), but it really has been nine whole years since I first started this site. My goodness…

Web site: City of Lynchburg Government Web site

Song: The music for "Boiling Popsicle" - not romantic!

Quote: "I can't believe it's been nine years..."

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