I think you left your voice over in Europe…

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March 12, 2005, 9:37 AM

Sis is back from Europe, and she had a lot of fun. But I think she forgot her voice over there. We’ll have to get Chris (her boyfriend who’s studying there this semester) to mail it back.

Seriously, though, she’s back, but she caught a cold while there. We hope she gets better soon. It must be a curse that comes with the second year, getting sick during spring break. One might recall that I was sick as a dog during my sophomore year spring break while at JMU. I was absolutely miserable.

But she did get a lot of cool pictures. Lots of pictures of things and people. It’s neat.

Otherwise, I spent some time yesterday redesigning my main page, which currently looks like this:

Main Page with Quote Article

In case you haven’t noticed, my Quote article, which has resided on the main page for the last six-and-change years and nine different site designs, had not been updated in two months. And after my quote had been slow for some time while being billed as a “weekly” feature but actually being more like a month between updates, I officially slowed it down to a monthly feature so I could spend less time worrying about it. Then I ran dry on quote ideas. That killed the feature, and the final new quote article ended up running for more than two months due to lack of ideas for it.

And what killed it? This. My Journal killed the quote. The two were pulling from the same brain and my Journal is easier to update. The two did coexist nicely for about a year and a half, though.

I’m replacing the quote with a photo feature. Since I have so many interesting images that so often don’t get to see the light of day, I’m putting some of them on the main page. We’ll see how that works out. I’m also changing some other stuff around while I’m at it, to put more stuff “above the fold”.

Still, it’s always a little sad to retire a long-running feature. I still remember my first quote: “Open mouth, insert foot.” That seems so long ago when I ran that. I was still in high school, even. Wow…

Song: "Dental Hygiene Trio" from Today's Special, oddly enough.

Quote: "You need to get a hold of Chris, and have him mail it back to you!" - Me to Sis about losing her voice.

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