It looks like someone shot it out of the sky…

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March 6, 2005, 12:24 AM

Take a look:

El Paso Star
Photo: Ray Chiarello on Flickr

This is the El Paso Star, in El Paso, Texas. This star took the record for largest man-made star from the Roanoke Star in Roanoke, Virginia, which I visit every so often. Looking at the El Paso Star, it just doesn’t impress me like the Roanoke Star does. I think it’s because unlike the Roanoke Star, which is upright, the El Paso Star is lying down on the mountainside. I will admit, it’s a nice looking star, but it looks like someone shot it out of the sky and it’s lying on the ground.

I mean, compare for a moment with one of my photos of the Roanoke Star:

The Roanoke Star

True, my photo of the Roanoke Star was taken at close range while the El Paso Star was taken from a distance, but still, I like my Roanoke Star a bit better because it’s upright.

Web site: A favorite Roanoke Star photo set of mine, "Lights in the Foggy Night".

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Quote: "So that's the El Paso Star..."

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