Six days in the house thus far…

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March 5, 2005, 6:34 PM

Yes, this is day #6… Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and now Saturday. I have been at home recovering from this procedure. And according to Mom, it’s slowly but surely healing up. I have to ask, because the wound is not somewhere that I can see myself.

Meanwhile, it’s Spring Break at Virginia Tech, and my sister is in Europe! Her boyfriend Chris is doing a study abroad program this semester, and so Sis is going to visit him. Of course, the trip nearly didn’t happen, as there was a small snafu with the passport, as we didn’t realize that since she was under a certain age that it expired sooner than the rest of ours did. But with some scrambling, a phone call to the office of our Congressman, Bob Goodlatte, and an unexpected trip to Washington DC (vs. just Dulles Airport, where the flight was), my father managed to get the whole situation straightened out, and she’s over in Europe now. So I hope she has fun.

Meanwhile, the TV is showing nothing but wall-to-wall Martha Stewart. My exact thought is, who cares? She just happens to be a celebrity that went to jail, instead of someone less-known.

Meanwhile, I had the strangest dream last night. In my dream, my old job with the phone company had come back, in their old building in Waynesboro, and I was working there again. Although in my dream, instead of it being a nice, flat floor like it was in real life, it was a stepped floor, with it stepping down towards the in-charge desk in the center, and all the computers faced the middle. And instead of it being owned by CFW or Telegate, it was owned by Wal-Mart. Go figure. And we were taking confidential phone calls for Resources for Living, which made things even weirder. By the way, Wal-Mart offers services through Resources for Living, so it’s not that far of a stretch. But still a stretch. Meanwhile, like when I worked for CFW (which became Telegate), there was an outside firm doing the hiring and training. But in my dream, for this operation owned by Wal-Mart (are you ready?), Telegate was doing the hiring and the training. And none other than one of the many Donnas at Wal-Mart was running the training group. But in the dream, I did get to catch up with some old work buddies from my CFW days, and also some people who no longer work at Wal-Mart in Waynesboro. So that was interesting. And to throw yet another monkey wrench into the whole thing, my workstation at this Wal-Mart call center was equipped with two monitors, which is like what I have at home. Two monitors.

I don’t know what to make of that dream. It’s weird…

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Quote: "I don't know what to make of this... that was one weird dream!"