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March 3, 2005, 10:11 AM

Since I had the procedure on Monday, it’s nice to get support from the people who care about you. I’ve gotten many kind words of support over the computer from many people, and also two cards from people from church! This one was particularly cute:

Are you going to get well soon?

Then the inside says, “Or do I have to get crabby?” along with a personal message. That one just tickled me.

And things are going well. What’s interesting is my sleep pattern as of late. Normally, I just sleep once, and that’s at night. But lately, I’ve been getting up in the morning, been up until mid-afternoon, taking a nap, then going until late, then going to sleep. It’s interesting. And I’ve been spending most of my time between my computer and the bed. Oh, and the bathtub. Can’t forget to soak.

Meanwhile, my sister’s coming home today for Spring Break. So I will see her for a few hours, and then she’s leaving for Dulles Airport on Friday morning to see her boyfriend Chris, who’s been doing a study-abroad program in Europe for the semester. So she’s going to spend a week running around Europe with him and the rest of his study-abroad group.

She’s also getting a new digital camera, which she’ll be getting to know on the way over to Europe. It’s a Canon, and it’s 3.2 megapixels. So while it’s not as “big” as Big Mavica (which is 4.0 megapixels), it’s still digital, and digital is good. That will also be good for A16, to have a second perspective than just mine.

So that’s that.

Web site: Biospherics, which is a Web site about Biosphere 2 in Arizona. Neat stuff, indeed.

Song: "Forever Young"

Quote: "That card just tickled me..."

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