What kind of shoe are you?

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February 23, 2005, 6:25 AM


In the “What kind of show are you?” quiz, I am a pair of sandals. In the description, it says the following: “You’re very outgoing, and maybe a little bit too much at times.” That’s fitting.

Meanwhile, the weather forecast is making me a touch nervous. They’re calling for snow, and backing that up with a winter storm watch. I am scheduled to go to Washington DC on that day. This had better not ruin my trip, or else I’ll be quite upset. So far, I’ve only had one trip to DC cut short by snow. That was January 17, 2004.

Oh, by the way, the reason I can pin my dates like this for these trips with so many of them, is because my regular DC trips are referenced by date for just about everything in my records for photos and movies and such. Thus it sticks to you.

But January 17 was interesting. The day started off just fine. In reviewing the photos from that day, it was gorgeous weather when I showed up at Vienna. My next photos taken outside were from a couple of hours later, at Huntington. That day, I rode from Vienna to L’Enfant Plaza and then up to Mt. Vernon Square. From there, I checked things out and then rode the entire length of the Yellow Line, to Huntington. That is where I have the next outdoor photos showing the sky. Cloudy. Then I rode Breda 2075, my first rehab, back to L’Enfant Plaza. Then I went to the police memorial outside Judiciary Square station, and then Chinatown. It was really cloudy then. And then by evening, when I went to Pentagon City Mall, the clouds opened up, and it started sleeting. That brought my trip to a halt, and I headed home.

Let’s not ruin another one of these trips by getting snowed out!

Web site: Page about Breda rehabs, mostly from January 17

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