I knew I’d find myself a woman one day…

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February 22, 2005, 10:59 PM

Yes, I had a woman literally fall into my arms today at work. She was a little stiff, though, I must admit. However, having a woman falling all over you is still a wonderful thing. I even had a picture made of the woman and me. Check it out!

Holding a large picture of a woman

Okay, now I admit – it was a picture of a woman that fell into my arms. We on the safety team at our store were doing a walk-through, and I noticed that the woman in question was hanging kind of oddly. So I bumped the sign to test its stability, and it came on down. Needless to say, that made for some interesting conversation at work today, though. I was amused.

But at least no one was hurt when the sign fell down.

Web site: Considering that this sign came from the ladies' apparel, I thought this article on Wal-Mart kick-starting clothing sales online was appropriate.

Song: Believe it or not, a coworker caught me singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" to myself today. And I also do a mean Miss Piggy imitation. Don't ask.

Quote: "I knew I'd eventually find me a woman!"

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