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February 16, 2005, 1:01 PM

I’m in Blacksburg today, taking photos of the BT, formally known as Blacksburg Transit. I’m also visiting my sister later on in the evening.

I’ve been really successful today with my BT photos. Only disappointment is that Blacksburg Transit doesn’t run their Flxibles in regular service anymore. They run their New Flyer low-floor buses on regular service, and only pull out the Flxes for special events. Still, I’ve done fairly well, taking a huge amount of photos of the BT’s buses that are running. I also got an interior photo of one of the buses (can’t remember the bus number offhand, but it’s in the photos). So that’s good.

Meanwhile, I recently found out that a long-time fan of mine, Rodney Anonymous, found the Web site A Little About Everything, run by a Mr. Randy N. Townley. I can see why he’d say “evil twin”, but I tend to disagree. Though it seems that the “evil” part fits. I quote from his response to Rodney Anonymous’s original message:

Never having heard of this guy, I clicked on the link and read through the corny, half-baked, and dim-witted stories on this guy’s site. Now, I don’t know Mr. Schumin, but I hardly think that anyone who has half a brain could even remotely lump me into that category — especially after having read the articles that I tenaciously prepared on my site.

I’ve been dissed! And it continues…

To begin with, this guy is a non-conservative retail store (Wal-Mart) employee who rants about everything Wal-Mart — with pictures to boot.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I do spend 40 hours a week in a Wal-Mart store – of course I’m going to talk about it. Then there’s the term “non-conservative”. I like the word “liberal” much better.

And the icing on the cake:

I am unapologetically a strong Christian Conservative, who rights [sic] about world events that deal with Faith, Culture, and Politics. I think the name of my site should lend some credibility “A Little About Everything.”

I’ve been dissed by a right-wing Christian funadmentalist!

Needless to say, this person’s not on the list of people I’m going to go out of my way to help. Still, I thought it was amusing to see this little online going-on between Rodney and Mr. Townley. And with me in the middle of it somewhat.

And I usually don’t comment about these things, either. But this one amused me.

Anyway, back to the buses. The sun’s coming out (it’s been rainy), and so I’m going to see what Big Mavica can see…

Web site: Blacksburg Transit, otherwise known as the BT

Song: Just the chime of the elevators behind me in the place where I parked myself to write this Journal entry...

Quote: "So are any of the Flxibles running?" - Me asking a bus driver about the Flxes