Happy Singles Awareness Day

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February 14, 2005, 10:23 PM

Today was a day that I could have easily pulled my hair out. Today was Singles Awareness Day, more commonly known as “Valentine’s Day”. And I could have pulled my hair out not only because this is the holiday for lovers – and with me being totally single.

First of all, about being single – I don’t mind it. See, I saved money by not having to buy any of the Valentine’s crap we’ve been selling. The only thing I bought was a heart-shaped box of chocolates for the box design. For ME. I thought it was cute because it says “Choo Choo Choose Me” and there’s a picture of a train. I bought it because it reminds me of the classic Simpsons episode where Lisa Simpson gives Ralph Wiggum a Valentine that says, “I choo choo choose you”.

Now, about today. I was ready to pull my hair out because it seemed that everyone and their mother was buying flowers and cards for their significant others. And flowers don’t like to scan. Seriously, they don’t. I was surprised when I could get a flower to scan. This is when we wish flowers were sold a different way, like by weight or something like produce. Just toss ’em on the scale and put in a number and voila – flowers.

Then combine the self-checkouts with the problems with scanning flowers, and you have a recipe for disaster. It was enough to where I was about to lose my patience. And it takes quite a bit for me to lose my patience. And I was on my last nerve.

Stupid bloody flowers…

It might also be worth noting that after this stressful Singles Awareness Day at work, I found a gray hair in the bathroom mirror as I was leaving work at the end of the day. I plucked it.

Otherwise, I’m in pursuit of something sturdy that will replace my little wire shelf that I have in my room. You see, up until a little more than a week ago, my scanner sat on my desk next to the monitor. And then my printer sat on that little wire shelf, above the scanner. Then on February 5, I finally got a second monitor. Thus the problem: I had to rearrange my desk. The new monitor sits where my printer and scanner used to be. The printer has a new home on top of the VCRs, which is where it has lived on and off for years. The scanner is currently disconnected and sitting across the room from the rest of the computer, since I can’t figure out where to put it.

I went to Staples today after work and looked at a few monitor lift devices. All either weren’t tall enough, or weren’t big enough. Disappointing, to say the least. I’m going to shop around a little more before officially declaring the commencement of “Plan B”, which is going to take a little thinking.

Web site: Article in The Reflector about Singles Awareness Day

Song: The monster dance song from Today's Special - the one where Muffy's toys come to life and say "oog-a-boog-a-boog"

Quote: "This is the one day that single people just want to curl up and die..." - Me on this day

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