“You mean they want to wear your clothes?”

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January 29, 2005, 9:51 PM

First of all, ladies and gentlemen, WE HAVE CABLE! WE HAVE CABLE! All interested parties are now officially connected to what I have dubbed the “Schumin Wireless Network”. That means we have my computer, Dad’s computer, Mom’s laptop, and Dad’s laptop all in place on our little network. Now I don’t have to leave my room for anything. I can just IM the rest of the family.

Otherwise, today was interesting at work. They were calling for winter weather for our area, which came in the form of sleet, sleet, and more sleet. But before the sleet showed up, it was like Christmas in January in our Waynesboro Wal-Mart. Seriously. Like Christmas, with all the registers open and all the lines backed up to the clothes. Everyone was buying the usual winter weather staples – bread, milk, and eggs. One can assume that everyone makes french toast when it snows.

I also ran into a friend at work who had two women at his side – one on each arm. His comment was, “They want to get into my pants.”

I had the best response: “You mean they want to wear your clothes?”

And my delivery was the best, too. I said it just like Rose Nylund would say it on The Golden Girls. I do have a few good lines up my sleeve, you must admit.

Still, I’m just glad to finally have high-speed Internet. Now this is living! Now I can be logged into Instant Messenger all the time! No more having to disconnect before leaving the house. No more having to share one connection! Now everyone can be online! No more slooooooooooow surfing. Now I can just fly.

That last one also means that it’s less likely I’ll fall asleep waiting for something to load, which has happened before. Seriously. I’ll be waiting for something to load, and then next thing I know, it’s some oddball hour in the wee hours of the morning, and I’ve forgotten what I was doing in the first place. So this is good because now the wait times are down.

So broadband is good. I’m just glad we finally got our hands on it.

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