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January 28, 2005, 8:23 AM

Aside from fiddling with the new Internet connection and clearing space in my room with the intention of organizing, sorting, and deciding the fate of junk, I’ve also made considerable headway on my J20 photo set in Life and Times.

The photo set will be modeled on the Million Worker March prototype – broken into parts, with a modified narrative from the Journal. And unless something changes between now and the release, the set will have 109 photos, and seven movies (as a point of comparison, the Million Worker March had 75 photos and 14 movies). Right now, the only things that I can tell you are totally complete are the movies. Those are converted, freeze-framed, and uploaded. Done. I thought about offering one up as a preview, but upon looking at them, realized that they don’t stand up too well on their own, and that they need a photo set to support them.

I’m also going to do a “Literature” section again, containing PDF files of some of the pamphlets and such I’d gotten along the way. That, however, is the furthest from completion – I haven’t even scanned anything yet.

I’m also quite pleased with myself – my high school government teacher, my mother’s coworkers at the middle school, and Mom’s friends, think it’s absolutely awesome that I went and protested at the inauguration.

And on the subject of DC, the next thing I have my sights set on is my trip this Wednesday with my friend Katie from work. This will not be a regular “leisure” DC trip for me, nor will this be a “political” trip for me. Oh, no. This is a show-Katie-what-I’ve-done-before trip. I’m not planning to cover any new ground on this trip.

Also, in case you’re wondering, I categorize my trips to Washington into two categories: Leisure, and Political. Political trips are like the most recent J20 trip where I went to the counter-inaugural, or like the Million Worker March. In those cases, the purpose of making the trip is to attend a political demonstration. Leisure trips are the catch-all. The day I’m going could really be any day, and I’m basically just enjoying a day out on the town. I’m exploring. I’m railfanning. I’m railfanning on the way to exploring. I’m socializing. You name it. And all just a fun day out in Washington.

And now, time to get ready for work.

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