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January 27, 2005, 11:30 AM

When I woke up this morning around 8:30, the cable Internet was working correctly. Go figure. So I started surfing around with my newfound power. Went to Oren’s Transit Page to look at his site again now that I have a high-speed connection. His site is rather cumbersome to view using the 56K connection due to the way the graphics are set to load.

However, the connection was somewhat spotty. On again, and then off again. On again, and off again. Then it went off for a long time, cutting off my view of Metro’s old Gillig Phantoms. This also dropped all my IM services. Then it came back on. Reconnect to IM. Once I got all reconnected, it dropped, which disconnected all my IM again. And we repeat.

So we can at least get data to come into the system. That’s a good sign. I called Adelphia to find out what was wrong, and it turns out they have about three modems in our area experiencing difficulty connecting… and ours is one of them. So they kept our appointment for a house call for Sunday. And I’m still writing this on dial-up.

But at least we know that I didn’t set it up wrong, as it’s running correctly by itself, and also was working correctly with the router in place. The router is for our yet-to-be-set-up wireless network. Before I bring any more computers online, I want to make sure that one (mine) is going to work reliably first with cable Internet. Since otherwise, if I don’t even know if the service is working, how am I to know if I have the wireless cards working?

Oh, and here’s a plus – since I’m the one carrying the modem and the router, I’m hard-wired into our network.

Otherwise, I got one tub out of the floor, which opens up some space. This one contained a lot of fire alarms, some novelty stuffed animals that I’m going to get rid of, and some various odds and ends. Also my coffeemaker from Potomac Hall, which I’m saving for the day that I get my own apartment.

So this is good – I already have my piles set up: keep, auction on eBay, give to Goodwill, and trash. Now to continue the work on it. Once I get the floor cleared, I’m going to attack the closet. That’s scary.

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