No high-speed Internet yet…

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January 26, 2005, 8:43 PM

Nope. No high-speed Internet. More 56K. Oh, boy.

Well, not yet. We have to get the cable guy over to make a house call to get it started because they say that something is wrong hardware-wise somewhere along the line. So they’re coming on Sunday to fix it and hopefully get it going.

Still, I did buy $300 worth of stuff at Wal-Mart to hook everyone up with it. About half of that equipment is opened and scattered around my room. Some of it’s hooked up. Some of it is halfway hooked up. I had to stop when we found out that a house call was needed.

All I have to say is that I’m pleased and upset all at the same time. I’m pleased because I know that it’s not a mistake on my part, and that I most likely did it correctly. But then I’m upset because I have to wait for my high-speed Internet, which I’d be hoping to write this Journal entry on this evening.

Somehow, we’ll get it all straight in the end, I’m sure.

Web site: Altoids. I happen to be currently sucking on eight of the peppermint ones at once. My favorite kind of Altoids are the cinnamon ones, though.

Song: Theme to Hollywood Squares circa 1998

Quote: "It's the world of Monsieur Stenchy, where even a skunk can come out smelling like... a rose!" - Skull from Power Rangers Zeo. For some reason, I've had this line stuck in my head all day. By the way, "Stenchy" is pronounced ste-SHWA. It is French.

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