Always be careful what you wish for…

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January 22, 2005, 11:45 PM

We got snow again. Fun stuff. And not just a little dusting. This was SNOW, like snow snow, like make-the-parking-lot-treacherous snow. It snowed while I was at work. Coming in, the roads were perfect, and so I was able to run at full speed, set the cruise control, and then slip right into the parking lot. Going home, however, the parking lot was badly plowed, leaving a layer of packed snow on the lot, making walking pretty rough. I was actually partly blocked in by the snow plows, as they had to plow around my car, and thus there was a ring of snow around my car. I had to back-and-forth my way out of my parking space. Getting the tires to “grab” something was a challenge, but somehow I got out, and then it was smooth sailing from there, albeit slippery sailing. I was fine until I was almost home. There’s a stop sign right across from our driveway. I stopped. And then started spinning my wheels. Not a good thing. I was thinking, of all places, right in front of the house. At least it wasn’t in the middle of 340 or somewhere remote. And I also soon got a grip on the road again, and rolled right into the driveway.

It was also amusing to see Wal-Mart before and after the snow. Before the snow, everyone and their mother was at Wal-Mart, cleaning us out. It was like Christmas all over again. Then it started to snow. The crowd dropped off quickly, and it became a BORING day, with everyone kind of wondering how their trip home from work is going to turn out.

Now I wonder if any more precipitation will come out of this. We’re getting some strong winds here, which will probably blow some snow around, but that’s about it for now. Maybe we’ll get more snow, maybe not.

I’m just glad that if the weather really gets frightful, Wal-Mart lets us call out. I remember when I worked for CFW Information Services, and their snow policy, which basically was that you are expected to report to work, regardless of rain, snow, sleet, or hail. And if you didn’t think you could make it in the weather, you could camp out in the building. I never had to put that to use, thankfully.

Still, snow’s not as much fun when you’re an adult, and have to drive in it. Yucko. But I still like snow like a child, even though there is no such thing as a snow day in the real world.

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Song: "Snow is falling, look around..." (from Today's Special)

Quote: By the way, I'm still sore from January 20. Give me a little more time. But that was one heck of a day...

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