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I was raised by a cup of coffee…

January 18, 2005, 7:36 PM

Let me tell you something… at work today on my first break, I made a strong pot of coffee. A lot of people at work were talking about the “really strong” coffee. I had no qualms in claiming ownership of that pot of coffee. I made it strong, and on purpose, because I was kind of tired.

After my cup of that strong coffee, I straight up said what I thought of it. In my best Strong-Bad-as-Homsar voice, I said, “DaAaAaA! I was raised by a cup of coffee!” since today, that was quite true. That coffee raised me up quite a bit. Heck, that coffee that I brewed this morning was so strong it could quite possibly raise the dead. This was strong coffee.

And near the end of the day, I still had my orange soda break. I always have orange soda on my last break.

Web site: The Coffee and Caffeine FAQ

Song: Theme to Judge Judy

Quote: "There's no such thing as too strong a coffee." - A customer to me upon overhearing my telling a coworker about how strong I made the coffee.

Categories: Food and drink