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January 14, 2005, 7:21 PM

Finally the US has called off its search for weapons of mass destruction (hereafter WMDs) in Iraq, realizing that there are no weapons. And what amazes me is that George W. Bush has no regrets about it, despite that his primary reason for invading Iraq in the first place – the WMDs – turned out to be from inaccurate information.

I find it worthwhile to show you something that was shown at Metro Center station in April 2004:

MoveOn advertisement claiming George W. Bush knew that there were no weapons

In a nutshell, the ad claims that President Bush was planning an invasion of Iraq even before September 11, and that the President deliberately misled the country in the time before the invasion of Iraq. The ad then recommends that Congress censure the President.

I personally think that this whole end of the WMD search exposes lends credibility to many people’s theory about why we really invaded Iraq: George W. Bush was knocking off Saddam Hussein because his father, President George H.W. Bush, didn’t do it in 1991.

This news of the end of the search for WMDs in Iraq will make the demonstrations I will be participating in on January 20 in Washington DC all the more interesting…

Web site: Article about Bush, Saddam, and WMDs

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Quote: "No weapons? I knew it!" - Me

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