I don’t know what it is about this time of year that makes me want to start a project at home

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January 13, 2005, 7:44 PM

Yeah, Sis is going back to school on Sunday, and I’m again going to use her room as swing space. This time, I’m attacking the problem spots in my room. Mainly those spots where junk accumulates.

Let me put it to you this way: I still have the tubs of junk from my Potomac Hall room in the middle of my floor, nearly two years later. I moved them out when I redecorated last year, and then moved them back in afterwards. This time, I’m officially attacking those tubs. And the closet. And whatever other corners and spots have become junk repositories.

Here’s the battle plan. Sis’s floor will be divided up into four sections. One area will be “keep”. One will be “sell”, which I intend to list on eBay. A third will be “trash”. And a fourth will be “Goodwill”. Now that we have a new Goodwill store in Waynesboro right next to Wal-Mart, I’m most likely going to donate a boatload of stuff from this adventure to Goodwill. Still, I intend to make this room more livable than it is right now. Besides, I’d have to do this anyway after I find a job in Washington and move out. So I might as well just do it now.

Mind you, this will be a challenge of Biblical proportions. It’s been a good six or seven years since last I cleaned out my closet. Supposedly, my childhood toy box is in there. I haven’t seen it in years, since it’s completely covered by other junk. I ought to get a shovel to scoop all this stuff out. I do know one thing, though – when I find my old toy box, which is a very well-built wooden chest (it’s not “kiddie” by any means), I intend on seeing if I can restore it to like-new condition and then using it again to hold something more here and now for me.

And then the floor space… that makes me drool. Goodness… it’s been ages since my room has been clear. The junk… it’s going OUT! I love it. Especially since it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten what’s in my closet.

Web site: The Purge: The emotional trauma of cleaning out the closet, from The Phoenix

Song: "Yo He Ho" from Today's Special. Why Yo He Ho? It reminds me of the episode Moods, where TXL was helping Sam find his rubber chicken. She said, "Allow me to be of assistance," started the "Yo He Ho" speaker playing and dancing around, and stuff started coming out of everywhere as Sam's room went crazy. He found his rubber chicken. Sometimes I wish I could get my room to just play Yo He Ho and the place go crazy, with everything coming out of everywhere.

Quote: "Listen closet: I don't like you, and you don't like me, but I'm going to tackle you!"

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