“…he was from New Jersey! I went to my senior prom with a YANKEE!”

January 13, 2005, 7:22 PM

That line of Blanche’s from The Golden Girls just cracks me up. Since, you see, I am originally from New Jersey, and still consider myself northern, even though I’ve lived in Virginia for more than half my life.

This is why I love it when people say that I sound northern, like one person told me today. Shows I haven’t lost it. And let me tell you – the word “y’all” is not in my vocabulary. And if ever you hear me say “y’all”, slap me.

Meanwhile, I’m going to the doctor’s office tomorrow for pain. Where? Wrists! Over Christmas, I managed to get a repetitive stress injury in both wrists from scanning items for customers. Now it’s painful to scan stuff. I had this happen in 2003 in my right wrist only, and then it went away after a while on the Service Desk. This time it’s both wrists, and I am so done with the Service Desk, so that’s not an escape again. I’m hoping to get some “feel-good medicine” to make me feel good (thus “feel-good medicine”) and make the pain go away. Usually I do so well, and nothing ever ails me. Then within the last month or so, I got two colds in a row in December, and then this. Yuck.

Meanwhile, I finally figured out why I had so much fun at the Million Worker March. It’s because I got to unleash a side of me that I usually don’t get to – my rebellious side! This is the side of me that wants to buck the trend and raise a little hell. And not even a lot of hell. I consider marching in the streets and shouting “Whose streets? Our streets!” as raised hell.

Meanwhile, Stuarts Draft Middle School, where my mother teaches, despite two weeks of spring-like weather, with today’s temperature up in the 60s, has not yet had its fire drill for January. I call this a missed opportunity. Back in the 90s when I went there, if it was warm in January, you could rest assured that we would be spending a few minutes outside, after being invited outside by an Edwards fire alarm horn. Since who would squander an opportunity to get your fire drill out of the way while you’ve got a nice day? Why they haven’t had one yet is beyond me. Mom says fire drills are a pain. I say that this is good fire drill weather! Me, I could often “smell” a fire drill coming.

Web site: "Repetitive strain injury" from Wikipedia

Song: I can't remember where this came from - I think from a commercial - and it goes, "I love weekends in the sun/Having lots of fun/Getting the job done/And I love you too!" No idea where I saw this, but I've got it stuck in my head for days now.

Quote: "Ah, what a beautiful day! Good fire drill weather!" - Phrase of mine that usually sparked strong reactions from my residents when I was an RA at JMU.