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January 5, 2005, 11:37 PM

A coworker at Wal-Mart, in looking at my Web site, noticed that I have a lot of pictures of my own feet on there. Specifically, she noticed this one on the way home from my 2000 beach trip, this one from where I was waiting for a bus at JMU, this one at Rosslyn while I was waiting for the train in 2001, and this one at my 2004 beach trip.

Now I will be the first to tell you – the first three feet shots, all of my own feet, were “bored” shots. They’re shots I ended up with because I had nothing better to do while waiting for something – in the car, at the bus shelter, and in the train station. The last one, of my sandy feet, was intended to show just how much sand I’d collected while out on the beach.

My coworker came to a different conclusion. She thought that I had a thing for feet, and thus why I have these four photos of my feet on my site. Not quite, I said. My feet, as I said, just happen to be something I always know the whereabouts of, and are also convenient to photograph when there’s nothing else to do.

Still, I ought to see if I can do something artistic with my feet. Or not. Who knows.

However, when I was last in the Washington DC area this past Tuesday, I did think about my coworker a little bit. And so to them I say, this is for you:

My feet at Rosslyn station, January 4, 2005

There you go. My feet, in my Airwalks, while I’m sitting on the floor next to the escalator on the lower level at Rosslyn. I like this angle because it’s not a “down” view, but rather an “across” view, since I’m sitting on the ground with my feet in front of me. Plus you can see my socks really well.

Web site: page entitled "Beautiful Feet". I don't know if I'd consider my own feet as terribly beautiful, but I do know that they're a real hassle to buy shoes for.

Song: Just A Touch Of Love from Sister Act

Quote: "Do you have a thing for feet or something?" - From my coworker, who will remain nameless but who knows who they are.

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