New Year’s Eve…

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December 31, 2004, 9:56 PM

As I write this, it’s less than 30 minutes until 2005 arrives. And people were ready at Wal-Mart. Practically every customer the entire bloody day bought all sorts of alcohol, usually multiple items. Beer, wine, you name it. Virginia has state-operated liquor stores, so we don’t sell liquor at Wal-Mart – just beer and wine, and other stuff that falls into those two categories, like that malt liquor stuff.

And it was hopping at Wally World. Lines all day. People want to get loaded full of food and alcohol, and they bought it in large quantities. Whee!

Meanwhile, the Deli got some new mashed potatoes and gravy. I think that’s going to be a hit, particularly with the associates. I had some of it with my lunch. Good stuff indeed.

And with work over for the day, I can now worry about bringing 2005 in. And I’m going to bring it in right here at my desk. I also got the strongbad_email.exe DVD in today, and so I’ve been watching that, with all the Easter Eggs and such intact. That was a really good reason to reconnect my DVD player, if I do say so myself. So now I can watch DVDs in my room again. Which is also good for watching that complete first season of The Golden Girls which I got for Christmas. Fun.

Meanwhile, I get to do my first rolling of the Journal at midnight. When I did the 2004 redesign, I split the Journal’s database, formerly one huge database, into smaller ones. Each database file covers six months – January to June, and July to December. So it’s time to change to the first 2005 file. That’s going to take a little work, but it shouldn’t be that bad. We’ll see how things go. One thing I know is that this changeover will sweep the fifteen most recent Journal entries off the Journal’s opening page. So I’m going to have to post something after I finish to show that there’s something there. I’ll post an update when I’m finished.

And now, we’ll see you after the ball drops.

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Song: Auld Lang Syne, I guess.

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