11 days until Christmas… let it all be over soon…

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December 14, 2004, 9:06 PM

Goodness… let it be over soon! December 14 means ten more shopping days until Christmas, and please let these ten days go by quickly. Then maybe things can get back to normal.

Today, since we were short-handed, I ended up doing cart patrol for the last part of my shift. Let me tell you, too… there’s nothing like running around the lot with the QuicKart 2000, which is our automated cart machine, in the dark and in sub-freezing conditions. I’ve used the cart machine before, but this is the first time I’ve used it at night, and in this cold of weather. But let me tell you… that thing ran like a pro. And it sure beats the heck out of pushing carts manually. Then you can only do like five at a time, and plus requires pushing. Now, I can move thirty at a time, and all I have to do is steer.

Still, it’s very satisfying to see a clear lot after coming out to a full one. Though it was quite a cold time out there.

Otherwise, I’m off tomorrow, and I’m still job hunting in Washington DC. The Internet is a wonderful thing, as I’ve placed resumes on a few different job-hunting sites. Tomorrow will hopefully be productive, though before I do some serious work on stuff, I plan on getting some serious Zs.

Otherwise, I’m looking for feedback regarding the Million Worker March photo set. Not as much on the content, but on a few extra-niceties that I put in there. The most noticeable difference here was in putting a thin black border around all the images. I did that mainly to “frame” the images and make them more distinct from the background. I did this on both the small images and the full-size images. Otherwise, I added the “continue to…” and “continued from…” next to my trademark white nav boxes. Little extra-niceties, to make the photo set look a little sharper. And who knows… if this goes over well, I may retrofit older photo sets with these features. Though considering how many photo sets I have now, that could take ages.

One last thing that I did like about the Million Worker March photo set, though, is that I adapted a Journal entry for the narrative text. That may be a winning formula for Life and Times. It went really well that way.

And now, I’m still warming up from doing carts. We’ll see ya later.

Web site: Dane Industries Web page about the QuicKART machine that I was running today

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