Black Friday…

November 27, 2004, 11:29 PM

Let me tell you about Black Friday, that term for the day after Thanksgiving.

First of all, don’t you just love it when work changes your schedule and doesn’t tell you? I got dragged out of bed for a phone call from work at 5:30 or so, with them asking when I was intending on coming to work, because I was supposed to be there at 5:30. I’m just like, “I’m coming in at 8:00, like I’m supposed to.” They had changed me to 5:30 AM and didn’t bother to tell me. Not good. They ended up getting me at 7:00.

Otherwise, aside from that rough start, work went well. A number of us decided to take “Black Friday” literally and wore all black. I did, as did a few other cashiers, and also a few department managers. We looked so cute in our all-black, and our blue vests.

The day was hopping really early on, but then slowed down later. Still, it was good.

Amusing moment of the day was when a cashier was trying to get people to use this trick pen. It basically follows the premise of those trick hand buzzers, where you shake their hand and they vibrate so fast as to feel like a shock. So they hand the pen to me. “See how well this pen writes for me.” The pen is retracted. I go to push the button to extend it. It vibrates at the amazingly high speed, surprising me. I not only drop the pen, but let out a shriek.

Needless to say, everyone got a kick out of it. Particularly one of our CSMs, who laughed so hard she cried. Her face was as red as her vest, if that tells you anything. I’ve always been one to react big when it comes to surprises, and this was no exception.

And then what did I do after coming home from work? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. That’s all there is to it.

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Quote: "In honor of Black Friday, I'm wearing all-black today." - Me

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