I’m definitely making my protest coverage far more complete than ever before…

November 13, 2004, 8:53 PM

When I do my “Day of Activism” (my title) set for Photography, and the Million Worker March set for Life and Times, let me tell you… I’m going to have it all together.

The “Day of Activism” photo set for Photography will be modeled more than anything after my wildly successful A Protest Against The War photo set from 2003. By that, I mean it will have multiple pages, and run basically in chronological order. That means it will go from Anti-War to World Bank back to Anti-War and then back to World Bank. It will also have a separate “movies” page for various movies I did of the rally at the Women’s Memorial, the counter-protesters near the Arlington Cemetery Metro station, and the closing of the World Bank vigil.

The Life and Times photo set on the Million Worker March is being loosely modeled off of the Virginia Beach vacation set that I recently released. That way I can present a complete picture of an event where I was a participant, filling in gaps in the photography with text. I also have lots of movies, which I will include directly in the photo set.

And to fully round out the coverage of these sets, I’m including graphics and PDFs of a bunch of the protest literature from all of these events. As such, this is going to be something new and innovative for me. People passed out lots of literature at all of these events, and I find it appropriate to include it here. This literature is often news on various causes, advertisements for upcoming events, lists of sponsors, and otherwise. Definitely important to provide the full picture.

I think it will definitely take my coverage of various events to a new level. And if nothing else, it will at least provide some additional historical information for potential researchers.

Until I release the photo sets, though, my Journal, in the October 2004 section, has discussion about the events.

Web site: page advertising the October 2 anti-war procession

Song: "We're here! We're wet! So cancel the debt!" - From the World Bank vigil

Quote: "I'm definitely going all-out on this..."

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