Recall: “This is where it gets a little bizarre for a while.”

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October 31, 2004, 2:59 AM

It’s WAY past when I should be in bed, and I’m still researching protest photos. Do you remember, from the journal entry I did about the Million Worker March, where I said, “This is where it gets a little bizarre for a while”?

Well, that was because for a while, I, along with “Teapot” and her group, went chasing after a group allegedly wearing a hot dog suit. We then learned that there was also a guy dressed up as the Hamburglar, and a chicken. After the march, back here at the computer, I wrote this about our unsuccessful hunt:

…where we could get a good look over the whole general area for the hot dog guy. No hot dog guy. So we headed back to where we were, in the shade north of the Lincoln Memorial, wondering if such costumed characters actually did exist…

Well, they did exist, as confirmed by posters on DC Indymedia. And now, in hunting around, I landed on (a newspaper in Sault Ste. Marie). On their Web site, I found this:

The person in the hot dog suit

So there you go. We weren’t imagining it. Posters on Indymedia couldn’t figure out what their deal was. I believe that they were counter-protesters. They were definitely short-lived, though.

But there you go. The hot dog suit. Bizarre, indeed…

Web site: "Meet our man in Washington" from, the story about the chicken suit and his friends

Song: From "This Land", a parody of the "This Land Is Your Land" song

Quote: "Have you seen a person dressed up as a hot dog?" - Questions asked numerous bystanders at the Million Worker March. They probably thought we were nuts.

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