I have the best election day schedule!

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October 20, 2004, 11:31 PM

I’m working 7 AM to 4 PM on election day. That’s a very good schedule for me for that day. I can work from 7 AM until 4 PM. Then on the way home, I can go vote. Then after that, I can hit CNN and watch the election coverage, and see who on earth is going to be the President of the United States on January 20, 2005.

Will it be John Kerry, or will it be four more years of Bush? We shall see…

Meanwhile, it feels very strange writing this journal entry. This is the first new journal entry since I redid the journal as part of the site redesign. And the verdict is… I’m not used to this. I enter my journal entries into an online form and submit them online. So I do use a Web browser to do this, via a Web page. But when I did the journal, I updated my journal form. So while it’s the same basic form, it’s bigger, and it’s a different color. And even though I did all the changes myself, it’s still going to take time to get accustomed to it. We shall see…

Otherwise, though, do you like the new look for the Journal, now that the production version of the site is finished over there? Everything is so… blue. Very blue. So one section is finished! I’m pretty pleased with myself. Now I only have six main sections to go, along with the unofficial “Quote and Introduction” section. Meanwhile, Life and Times looks really weird. Like remodeling in progress in a building, when a system is disconnected or something is ripped out, it leaves a little hole until that area is finished being renovated. Now when my redesign work reaches Life and Times, and it gets its full refit, it’s going to look just wonderful. I’ll make it look like the Journal was always in its own section from day one, and that it was preposterous to ever think that the Journal was ever in Life and Times.

Now I don’t know which section I’m doing next. The Online Store’s going to require some thinking, since it, by its nature, requires a different design, as well as a white background. So we shall see…

Web site: Federal Election Commission page on Election Day

Song: Bruce Cockburn's "All The Diamonds" song

Quote: "This is my journal... or is it?"