Good morning, world!

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October 17, 2004, 2:06 AM

Yeah, fan-bloody-tastic. It’s early. Just the right time to bust a move to Washington DC, too.

As soon as I finish this journal entry, I’m hopping into the shower to make myself all fresh as a daisy. Then I’m getting dressed, getting gathered up, and then… I’m going out!

It kind of reminds me of what Jeff Hyslop sang in Today’s Special’s episode “Live on Stage” about going out. It went like this:

My home is in the store,
I like it here… I’m happy.
My world’s on every floor,
My friends are near… I’m happy.
But out there a world lies waiting,
Out where I cannot be,
Just once I’d like the freedom,
To see what I can see!
If everyone can go there,
Is it wrong to ask why not me?
Just once, just once,
Is it wrong to ask… why not me?

Why don’t I take the chance…
No more debating!
Outside that big front door…
The world is waiting!
Get ready, ’cause tonight… tonight!
I’m going out!

The theater will be my destination!
What will I need to take for this occasion?
Get ready, cause tonight… tonight!
I’m going out!

A new umbrella in case it rains…
Like Cinderella, my turn to dress up!
A coat made of leather,
Boots for snowy weather,
My turn to dress up!

I wonder if I’ll need…
A woolly sweater?
I guess we’re all agreed…
That two are better?
My star will shine tonight…
I’m going out!

I’ve gotta go now, off to the show now,
Take these below now, you bet!
It’s time to follow, follow my rainbow,
‘Cause I haven’t (can’t understand it) yet!

A perfect way to reach… my destination!
Please, magic hat, don’t stop… the celebration!
I’m as ready as can be… tonight,
I’m going out!
And the world will hear me shout…

I just love that song, and it’s fitting. I may not really need to go out, but I want very badly to go out, even though others might say that I shouldn’t go out.

And this is for a big protest that I’m going to this time. And as we all know, I’m cursed when it comes to protests, as I’ve been to three big protests, and had three mishaps. A speeding ticket once, soaking the undercarriage another time, and most recently, getting sick at a rest area and launching it on the grass.

It’s also funny… Sunday is one day I usually never go to Washington. I think I’ve only been to Washington on a Sunday once before, and that was last October 26, when I railfanned the Red Line for the first time, from end to end. That and Monday. It’s rare to find me in Washington on a Monday. Usually the days I go are Wednesdays and Saturdays. I had a streak from June to August where I actually was in DC every other Wednesday, like clockwork. That was broken at the end of August when I took a third trip during August on a Saturday. That also reminded me of why I like railfanning during the week instead of the weekends – more trains!

So anyway, time to hop into the shower. I’ll have to let you know how things go when I get back…

Web site: Fan Web site for Jeff Hyslop, who I know best as Jeff the Mannequin on Today's Special

Song: If I have to tell you, the whole purpose of this journal entry will be defeated. Look UP!

Quote: "And the world will hear me shout... WHY NOT ME?"

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