Let me show you. This is Trogdor.

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September 24, 2004, 4:20 PM

My sister is home for the weekend! What a surprise! I wasn’t expecting her to come home until some time in October. So that was neat. Her boyfriend Chris brought her home to us. And as a result, I finally got to meet Chris. We have to take her back to Tech, though. Chris should chip in the $20 or so in gas. But you know how poor college students are. So we’ll forgive him for it, since he brought us a pleasant surprise.

So why Trogdor in the title? Well, Sis and Dad and I were all talking about something, and how Dad pulled up something on Urban Dictionary to back up an expression that he used. I chimed in how I added a few definitions there myself. My sister said how she found a thousand definitions for “Trogdor” on there.

My father had no idea who Trogdor was. I know who Trogdor is. I showed him, doing up a quick doodle.

Trogdor, as drawn by me

This is my doodle of Trogdor, completely from memory. Start with an “S”, then another slightly different “S”, the feet, the beefy arm, the eyebrows and eyes (above the rest of the body), the V-marks all over… you get the point.

My sister immediately said it didn’t really look like Trogdor. I think Strong Bad, creator of Trogdor, would say, as it said in the Email, “The S is for sucks”. Still, good enough. Compare that to the real image of Trogdor:

Trogdor as he really looks, from

Not a bad doodle I did, eh? That’s the real Trogdor drawing, and I got the basic essence of it.

I just love doing doodles. So fun.

Web site: Strong Bad Email #58 - "Dragon", where Trogdor is first created.

Song: "TROGDOR!"

Quote: "That doesn't look anything like Trogdor." - Sis on my drawing

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