HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! The remodeling is finished!

August 30, 2004, 9:29 PM

Finally! No more hammering. No more nail guns. No more polyurethane. No more getting up at an ungodly hour to vacate so that they can do the stairs. No more! It’s DONE! And I am so pleased with that.

And it looks really nice, too. I’m going to take a final round of photos tomorrow for the Web site, and then I’m going to compile a photo set about the whole remodel for Life and Times.

It’s amazing… when we moved into this house, we had an open deck out back, and light beige colored carpeting in the entire house, including up the stairs. The only areas not carpeted were the entry foyer (immediately in front of the front door), the kitchen, and all the bathrooms. And those were linoleum. We replaced the kitchen floor linoleum with ceramic tile in 1994 (it wore particularly badly), and then in 1998 replaced the downstairs hallway carpeting and entry foyer linoleum with hardwood. Now the only original carpeting left downstairs is in the hall closet. The living room was recarpeted, and the family room and dining room got new hardwood. And the stairs are finally wood, as they should have been from the get-go. So good stuff there. And the upstairs hallway is also hardwood. The bathrooms are all still original, as are all the bedrooms. Good.

Meanwhile, my haven from change is, understandably, my own bedroom. Nothing changes in there unless I change it. And if someone else does fiddle with something, I’m quick to change it back.

Meanwhile, I did something I should have done a long time ago. I wrote up a big to-do list and ideas list for The Schumin Web, and am now working on completing different parts of it. I’ve currently got seven photography sets in the hopper. I’ve got all the images selected, and just have to properly prep the images before I create any HTML.

And considering all the work I’m doing before I do my redesign, I’m going to be amazed to even see a redesign any time soon. But the show must go on, and updates must happen. I just have to pry The Schumin Web out of the rut that it’s in, as I’m still a little stumped for design ideas, though I think I’m going to eventually get it.

“Eventually” being the key phrase here.

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