This is a bit of a messed-up day…

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August 25, 2004, 9:43 AM

If you want to talk about a day without a purpose, this is it. See, I found out a couple of hours after work yesterday that the guy would be coming today to put the finish on the new stairs.

Now note that when I say “new”, I mean that only because in the process of replacing the flooring, the floor people took out the old wood on the stairs, which was intended for carpeting, and thus had a lot of knots in it. And then they put new wood down, which, for the last week or so, we’ve been using bare. Now it’s going to get the finish and the runner on it, which will also finish the entire flooring job.

So as a result of the work being done on the stairs, and my room and such being upstairs, I had to vacate for the day, with the guy showing up at 7:30. So I had to be all ready for work and such by then, even though I don’t have to actually be at work until 2:00. And so I’m kind of wandering around doing whatever until then. I’m actually at the Waynesboro Public Library right now, which I’d not been to in ages. Still, I also drove out to Weyers Cave today.

And then on Saturday, it’s off to Washington DC again, as I continue to get a handle on the area, as in figure out where everything is and such. Last time, I did a railfan trip similar to what Oren and I have done in the past. I went from Vienna to Rosslyn to Franconia-Springfield to Huntington to Mt. Vernon Square (yes, the entire length of the Yellow Line!), then walked back to Gallery Place-Chinatown, on the way checking out the American Idol tryouts at the Washington Convention Center. From Gallery Place, I took Red Line to Fort Totten, transferred to Green, and rode it out to Greenbelt. Turned around at Greenbelt, and rode to Prince George’s Plaza, where I took some aerial photos of the station from the large parking garage directly over the station. Neat view, indeed. From there, I went back to L’Enfant Plaza via the Green Line mid-city segment, and went to Pentagon City, which is where I always go at the end of the day.

This time, I’m going south into PG County, on the Branch Avenue extension. Also might go out to Glenmont or something.

Meanwhile, this fall looks exciting on the political activism front, as I’m told there’s a few different rallies and such in September and October, including one big one, and I’ve worked my schedule around trips on those dates.

And then today, I have work at 2:00. Hopefully, the stairs will be done when I get home. That’s a big “we hope”.

Web site: DC Indymedia, where I find out about a lot of these demonstrations...

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