There’s just something intoxicating about that “new carpet smell”

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July 30, 2004, 7:40 AM

Seriously, I love that new-carpet smell. With the whole back-to-school thing in full swing, we’ve got all your need-to-gets for people going off to college. And among other things, we have area rugs, all rolled up and sitting in the action alley. And they smell like new carpet!

You know what? I could probably stand there and smell that new-carpet smell all day and not be unhappy. It really is a wonderful smell.

They should make a cologne scented like that. Call it “DuPont Stainmaster #5”. I would date someone wearing that intoxicating aroma. World’s worst pick-up line for that: “Hey, baby, want to get together and smell the carpet?”

And looking at me after smelling carpets, since I so love the smell, people might just have to ask, “Have you been smelling carpets, or are you just glad to see me?”

Still, I do love that smell.

Web site: About new-carpet smell, and also a less-pleasant smell coming from your rug...

Song: Surfin' USA

Quote: "Ahhh!" "New insoles?" "No, new carpet smell."

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