“Bad fashion makes baby Jesus cry.”

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July 17, 2004, 12:51 AM

That’s what my sister told me once. She said that bad fashion makes baby Jesus cry. She doesn’t like the way I dress, it seems. In case you’re wondering, lately, I’ve gravitated to contrasting solids. If I wear dark pants I wear a light shirt. If I wear light pants, I wear a dark shirt. Then of course there’s always all-black, which I also enjoy. And I try to make my colors work, too. I don’t wear something that obviously clashes. I try to look good when I go to work.

Maybe it’s the shoes. I have been known to regularly wear sandals with socks.

But anyway…

I also recently participated in the Wal-Mart cross-town merchandise shuttle. On Thursday, my day off, I went to Staunton Wal-Mart for some odds and ends (did I mention you should never go shopping when you’re really hungry?). Of those odds and ends, I bought two great big throw pillows. They were black with fake fur on one side, and plain on the other. So I got them home. I put them on my couch. One word: YUCK. They were too black for my decor. So back to the store they went. Where did I return them? Not to Staunton. Oh, nay. I had to work the next day. So I returned them to Waynesboro, thus completing the shuttle.

I did, however, replace the merchandise that didn’t work for me. My sister recommended red pillows of the same style. A dark red. We didn’t have dark red. We had bright, shocking red. The furry red pillow reminds me of the fuzzy cuffs at Pamela’s Secrets. I couldn’t have that. I ended up getting two blue denim pillows of the same size, but these had no fur side. It’s plain on both sides. They look good, and they match my comforter, which is also denim.

I think I’m starting to figure out my own style… black brushed metal, soft furnishings in shades of blue, and some brown wood. And blue-gray walls. I like my style. Very blue. Blue is good.

Oh, and my new pillows earned my sister’s approval. They look very nice, she says.

This is the same person, though, who says that I should be on Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, which is a show where a team of gay men descend on a man’s life, and redecorate his apartment, fix his wardrobe, teach him some domestic skills, as well as anything else needed to make him presentable. I’ve seen the show before. Interesting. I think that I would be Queer Eye‘s biggest challenge yet.

And otherwise, I’m off on Saturday! Yay! And Dad and I are going to work on fixing up the resume for a little while. He’s the local expert on these things, and I need a “real” job that puts my college degree to work. After all, right now it’s merely an incredibly expensive piece of wall decor, since I’m not working in a job right now that really works it. Heck, if I just wanted some wall candy, for the money it cost to go to college, I could have just bought some expensive artwork and stayed home.

Anyway, it’s quarter to three… it’s late.

Web site: Official Web site for Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

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Quote: "So does this make baby Jesus cry?"

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