Finally, an off-day!

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June 29, 2004, 11:42 PM

Yes, after six straight days, where I worked all four different Service Desk shifts at least once, I finally have gotten another off-day. This Wednesday, I will be going nowhere near my own Wal-Mart. Other people’s Wal-Marts, on the other hand, are a completely different story, as most other Wal-Marts don’t look at all like Waynesboro’s. Most Wal-Marts are gray, red, and blue. Our store is beige and forest green. Our store has black signage and faux-wood floors. Most stores have some sort of blue signage and carpeting.

So I have yet to figure out what tomorrow looks like. Probably not going to go out, but rather I will probably take the opportunity to do some serious work on the Web site. I really need to work on it, since right now I’m behind on a few different projects, including spinning College Life off into its own subsidiary site, working on “The Lights of the Night” group of photo sets, and my “Memories” College Life set.

Otherwise, the phrase “Are your gas bills so high they make you want to cry?” is just perfect for me. To fill up the Previa costs almost $30 with these astronomical gas prices. And my car isn’t even one of those gas-guzzling SUVs.

Now sport-utility vehicles aren’t helping the price of gas, either. If people would all get small, fuel-efficient cars, maybe we could all get more for our money as far as gas goes. I know that when I eventually replace the Previa, I will be getting a small car, preferably a station wagon.

Yes, I’m getting an early start on a “sensible car”. Besides, sports cars are cop magnets anyway, especially when painted “arrest-me red” or “arrest-me yellow”. Me, I don’t know what color I’d want to get, but definitely not one of those colors. I really want black, but the parents were both emphatic about that I shouldn’t get black, since it seriously traps the heat. So I actually have to choose a color, though my favorite color for any accessories is black.

Seriously, if I have anything that’s not clothing, you’d better believe it’s going to be black. My futon is black. I like picture frames to be black. My office chair is black. I was disappointed that my old chair had to be a plum color instead of black (major price difference between the colors). Let’s admit it – black is the way to go. My camera bag is black. My bookbag for my first two years at JMU was black (my bookbag for the last two and a half years was blue). Admit it – I love black.

Now, though, I’m going to go eat dinner at this late hour. I’m having Great Value creamed corn, which my sister says looks like vomit. I don’t care, because it tastes good, and at 48ยข per can, it’s a price that can’t be beat.

Of course, my sister is the one who also tells me, “don’t be that a–hole” about the fact that I hug the left lane all the way to and from work. I figure it makes perfect sense. The road is four lanes, and lightly traveled during the times I’m going to work anyway, so since I make all my turns out of the left lane going both directions, I might as well get into position early on. That’s called planning. Meanwhile, she’s content with staying in the right lane until almost time to turn, then making a mad dash across two lanes (the left lane and the turn lane).

So to each their own.

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Quote: "Don't be that asshole." - Sis to me about my driving