Compare for a moment… who looks better?

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June 8, 2004, 10:33 PM

Let’s compare for a moment… who looks better in their blue vest? Let me present to you…

Ben Schumin in blue Wal-Mart vest
Exhibit A: Ben Schumin

The Cheat
Exhibit B: The Cheat

Hands-down, I think I look much better in my blue vest than The Cheat ever could. Though I was almost falling out of my chair when I heard Strong Bad use a phone to page The Cheat, and then when I saw The Cheat in his blue vest. Also when Strong Bad said in an easter egg at the end, “Dana needs quarters on Register 3,” while The Cheat was still wearing his blue vest. I was just amused.

But let’s admit it… I look good in my Wal-Mart vest. Better than The Cheat any day, and you know it. Still, I was amused by seeing that.

Web site: Strong Bad Email #105: Replacement

Song: Marzipan's songs about scroll buttons.

Quote: "Attention The Cheat. Customer needs assistance in email. Customer needs assistance in email."