Got some new tires today…

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June 2, 2004, 7:59 PM

After work, I went to Wal-Mart’s Tire and Lube Express (hereafter TLE). And I got me some tires. And this is the benefit of my sister now also working at Wal-Mart. Only an hour of our shifts coincided today, and so while she was working, and my car was at TLE, I took her car out for a little while, since waiting around at Wal-Mart is a drag if you’re not in the shopping mood, and you can only ride the mechanical horse in the game room so many times before it gets old. Besides, when I rode it, I ended up looking like Strong Bad after he drank a cup of soy sauce, like I’m trying to pilot Bubs’s Concession Stand.

So I rode around in her car, which she calls “The Gray Lady”. Very small car compared to the Previa. I felt like my butt was dragging on the road. In fact, I think I would be literally dragging along the road if that thing were any lower. For her trouble in letting me use it, I did fill the tank, do her windows, and take out the used napkins that were on the floor.

Meanwhile, it’s burning up in here. We need to turn on the air conditioning.

Web site: Speaking of TLE, wouldn't it be nice if this was offered in Waynesboro? Would make vehicle registration renewals really handy.

Song: Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married (no, I don't even have a date, so don't even think about it)

Quote: "Not a bad deal!" - Me on seeing the total price at TLE

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